Like many artists I have done various self portraits over the years.  Each one catches my humour, feelings of the time.

Me and Alizarin Crimson!

Self-portrait is entitled “Me and Alizarin Crimson”.

C'est Moi

This is a pretty recent one.

Petra Rau

Snapshot from Ciutadella harbour, Menorca.

I have been painting for quite a while.  I worked in Germany in advertising agencies for a few years after completing an apprentice in a graphics trade that no longer exists. Desktop publishing changed the printing world.  I moved to Ireland in 1983 and studied Fine Art, graduating from the NCAD with an honours degree in 1989.  Not bad to complete a degree in my second language.  Shortly thereafter we moved to Italy for two years. Since then I have lived Spain and Portugal along with another stint in Ireland. Currently living in Germany again and planning the next move to sunnier climes, and a more coastal location.

While I studied sculpture originally, these days I mainly work in watercolour and ink. For many years I mixed my own paints and painted large formats mainly on wood primed with gesso or cement.

I have also become quite interested in portraiture.  Various portraits are shown in my portraits gallery.   These watercolour and ink portraits fit very nicely in normal houses.  Typically they are head and neck rather than full body portraits.   I am please to have had my portraits recognized in open competitions.

Over the last could of years I have completed series of paintings featuring western and eastern astrology; a series on endangered species. Most recently I have been concentrating on bees and their role in our survival with titles such as “No Bees – No Almonds” or “No Bees – No Apple”.  Here “No Bees – No Cherries”

No Bees - No Cherries

No Bees – No Cherries


While researching this theme, I have learned a lot about the variety of bees.  There is a close dependence between some bee species and particular plants.   For example the Bumble Bee can pollinate some flower that other smaller bees cannot.













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